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Santa Clarita Home Pest Control Services

Southern California is home to a variety of insects, rodents and wildlife. If these pests come indoors, however, you may find yourself facing an unwanted infestation. When that happens, turn to Panther Pest Control for honest and reliable service. Our treatments are environmentally friendly; they are also safe for your family and your pets.

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What types of pests and rodents can Panther Pest Control help me with?

Our pest control services cover many types of crawling and flying insects, as well as rodents and other types of wildlife. When you call Panther Pest Control, we’ll come to your home at a time that’s convenient for you, and perform an inspection to assess your situation. Then we’ll provide you with a customized treatment plan to ensure your home becomes—and remains—pest-free.


Spiders can be found in every SoCal home. All spiders have venom, though most cannot bite humans, and the ones that can are usually just painful. However there are a two that will require a trip to the doctor – black widow spiders and recluse spiders. If you’re not familiar with spiders, but you see some in your home, it’s always a good idea to leave them be and call an expert. Panther Pest Control can inspect your home and provide treatment, as well as recommendations for things you can do around your home to prevent future problems.


Ants are a prevalent pest in homes all across the United States. There are many different varieties in the Los Angeles valley’s, and it’s not uncommon for a home or yard to have an infestation consisting of multiple types. Panther Pest Control will be able to properly identify the species of ant you’re dealing with, allowing for a more effective treatment plan.


Bees and wasps can take up residence around your home and property without your knowledge, establishing their hives and nests before you discover them. Bees and wasps can cause painful stings and sensitive people can be highly allergic to them. Because these bugs are so important to the environment (bees pollinate, and wasps consume other pests), it’s recommended to have these types of stinging pests identified quickly and removed safely by a professional exterminator to avoid improperly disturbing the nests.


California is home to many species of cockroaches that can take up residence in your home or on your property. Certain types are particularly invasive and difficult to get rid of, so proper identification and treatment is important.


Flea and tick problems aren’t limited to homes with pets—anyone can be at risk for bringing these pests into their homes from the outdoors. Because fleas and ticks are immune to the effects of certain types of treatments, it’s important to have a professional exterminator assess your situation and provide a customized treatment plan. That way, you can be sure you’re truly eliminating your problem.

What methods does Panther Pest Control use for pest and rodent control?

The best way to control a particular pest depends in part on the pest and, in part, on how the pest is causing problems within your home. As a result, we take a customized approach and tailor treatment plans that are specific to your pest problem.

Our commitment to you is that we will bring the right combination of licensed inspectors, highly trained specialists, effective and proven materials and tested methodologies to solve your problem. On top of that, our pest control programs are continually being evaluated and improved in order to stay up-to-date with environmental and effectiveness standards.

Depending on whether your problem is crawling insects or four-legged & furry, we will choose from a variety of treatment options that include baits, traps, and physical barriers.

What can I expect when a Panther Pest Control specialist visits my home?

During pest control inspections and treatment, we will:

  • Assess the nature and extent of your pest or rodent problem.
  • Determine the best plan of action, customized to your specific pest control needs.
  • Treat your home, which includes closing off possible pest entry and exit points.
  • Determine if there are conditions in your yard that are conducive to pests or rodents.
  • Apply pest control treatment(s) where necessary.

Specifically, we will use a number of different methods to take care of a rodent and urban wildlife problem. They can include trapping (live traps for larger animals), baiting, removal of food sources that encourage their presence and closing up or blocking methods of entry.

We will also assist with follow-up treatments and preventative plans to make sure that your unwanted guests won’t return.

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