About Us

Susan Parker


Susan and Mick started Panther Pest Control together in the summer of 2004. When Mick passed away in 2016, Susan gathered all her previously acquired knowledge from riding along with Mick in his work truck, and her business savvy skills to not only keep Panther afloat, but make it thrive. She received her Operator’s license and continues to grow her pest knowledge daily. Susan handles the scheduling and most of the day-to-day operations of the business. Susan and Mick share the same heart when it comes to their customers. They both really enjoy making people happy and educating others on how to take care of their pest issues. When Susan isn’t working (which is rare), she enjoys traveling and spending time with family.

Jennifer Parker


Jennifer has a background in office management and enjoys Excel spreadsheets. She handles everything from reports to accounts receivable and tries to keep the office running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. She recently received her field representative’s license and is excited to learn the trade. Jennifer is still afraid of cockroaches though, and is thankful that the ones she finds at home are all dead, thanks to Panther Pest Control. When Jennifer isn’t working, she enjoys being in nature, line dancing and spending time with her kids.

George Castillo

Field Technician

George is our bug guy. He has many years of experience in the field and works hard to make sure our customers are satisfied. He is always going over and above, looking into different types of pests that our customers have so that we can eradicate those pests properly. George is very diligent about safety, and we love that about him. When George isn’t working, he enjoys cooking, golfing, and playing with his nieces and nephews at the park.

Michael (Mick) Parker

9/30/1959 – 5/26/2016

Mick was the OG bug guy and owner of Panther Pest Control. He worked over 27 years in the industry and was a wealth of knowledge. He named the company after the family cat, Panther. Panther was the very best cat you never met. He caught many, many rodents and would present them as presents to Mick. So naturally, when he was trying to think of a name for his company, up walks Panther, with a HUGE rat in his mouth. Mick absolutely loved his customers and was a beloved member of the community. Mick was full of life and love. Better than your fave bartender, Mick was always ready to listen to anyone who needed a good chat. He was very outgoing and loved to socialize. He will forever be dearly missed by his family and friends.